Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Little Ant That Could

I'm currently living in Chicago (or rather, several miles outside Chicago, at Northwestern University in Evanston) for the summer. Unfortunately, because the job I have here is so demanding and time-consuming, I never actually make it into the city. Tonight, however, I had the night off and chose to take the L into the city and check out the Sears Tower (or, now renamed The Willis Tower).

I'll spare you the details about the incredibly long line, the fact that I was forced to take a photo by myself in front of a green screen (which would eventually be superimposed over an image of the city of Chicago), and the mediocre film about history of the tower.

The view was gorgeous. It was. But that's all yadda this and yadda that.

The thing that really stood out to me tonight, was when I was standing on the 103rd floor of this skyscraper. I looked out the window, and although I was certainly enjoying the view of the city at dusk from this height, I was even more amazed by what I saw at my eye level.

On the other side of the glass window, was an ant.

Okay, this may not sound spectacular to you. What's so special about an ant? I see ants every day. They're annoying little bugs that sometimes crawl into the back of my pants and and freak the hell out of me and make me wary of sitting on the grass during the summer.

But this ant was crawling on the outside of a window 1,353 feet above street level. How the hell did it get up there? Did this ant actually climb 103 stories? Or did it just take the elevator, like the rest of us, and sneak outside through a crack somewhere?

I choose to imagine it climbed from the street.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fuck you, MVPs.

Too busy for a doodle today.

But I will leave you with the knowledge that my only pair of sneakers has fallen apart so much that I had to stitch the pair of black Sketchers up with pink thread. Nothing looks quite as silly as sewing a pair of shoes together while watching sitcoms on Hulu.